Wednesday, 6 July 2011

As work starts, the world still turns

So I started work on Monday, that is 2 days ago, and I am on my way home from the third day of work.

It has been an interesting few days, as I started work, straight away was given a task and (what I think is) a new client to deal with. While the task for the first day wasn't all too hard, it just was very lengthy. The client wanted us to fix their site and make sure that 4 pages look the same in multiple browsers, that they are still working on. So the hunt began to search for the errors in on those pages, and report back to the boss as well the client. What we ended up doing, is going through all the required browsers (and operating systems) and take a screenshot of all the four pages, and while this was an easy task, it was a lengthy one.
Anyway, so after identifying the errors, it was just a few simple fixes on the CSS, or so we thought. The problems? Well, not too much, aside from, of course you guessed it, IE6 in Windows XP, but next to that, the main problem was that the client didn't want to give us access to the development server, and while this normally wouldn't be a problem, it is when the client requires cross browser compatibility on mobile phones (such as Android and iPhone).
Second day was a bit boring, as I was supposed find a way around this whole problem, but the resources that were provided by the client just weren't enough to fix these, what otherwise would be simple, CSS errors. Anyway, aside from that, the same client wanted to know about making a welcome page on their Facebook page that has their own colour theme and design. This wasn't too hard, and it's as simple as adding the app TabPress to your page. Of course, the custom design can be hard coded, however, that would take more time and more money to implement.
Finally today, I worked more on the same problem, however, I had a work through. What I did was install Glype proxy script locally, and if the file "style.css" was requested (of course, through the Glype proxy), it would, instead of running it through Glype, it would just return the contents of a local copy of the CSS file. This seemed to do the trick, and hopefully will work till the CSS has been fixed.

Will keep you updated on tips and tricks when working for customers.


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