Monday, 30 May 2011

Switching Operating Systems

Yes I am still alive. I know I haven't updated the Blog since after my exam, but I was, erm, too busy "celebrating" the end of my exams :).

Anyway, so I was trying to reinstall Windows 7 yesterday, but I found out that my DVD Reader didn't work. This was the second DVD Reader, in fact, the first one was a BD reader as well. Anyway, it didn't read the DVDs so I had to improvise. This meant trying to run the installer from a USB, however, I didn't have a USB that was big enough to hold Windows 7. So tried to run it from an external hard disk, which ultimately lead to the demise of my master boot record. I wasn't really too fussed because I had already backed up everything :).

So then I decided to just switch to Ubuntu straight away, which means running some of my favourite applications on Linux using Wine, and oh what an amazing job the talented developers of the Wine project have done.

I remember about two years ago, I tried to install the old version of Steam (way before the UI revamp and the Mac version), and in all fairness, I gave up on using it within 10 minutes. It was too sluggish, and had to install loads of random stuff before it could work. It was a lengthy process.
Now though, I just downloaded the installer, marked it as executable, and double clicked it. A few clicks later, it was updating and straight away after the update I could login. No fuss, no problem. After I logged in, Steam guard came up as expected, and after verifying everything worked fine. I can use the chat normally, currently installing Portal 2 (not sure how that's going to go), and after being impressed this much, I think it will run fine.

I also installed my favourite PHP IDE on Wine, phpDesigner, I haven't really tested it too much, however, I noticed that the original php.exe included didn't work properly, had to manually download the VC6 version and use that instead. I haven't tested Xdebug yet, but I will soon.

I'll keep you updated on Portal 2 and phpDesigner.


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