Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I got a Job interview.

I got a job interview soon for my placement year. I am looking forward to this interview and will hopefully do well in it. I am currently developing a quick portfolio website in the hopes of impressing them even more :), and you never know, maybe the portfolio will be the decider. Every little helps, no?

Anyway, the portfolio should be only before Monday, as that is when my interview is. Till then, I got another exam tomorrow, about Database Systems, so it's going to be fun... Not. Either way, I will need to revise till tomorrow. After the exam, I got 1 hour and 30 minutes to kill, perfect opportunity to finish the design at the very least. Then some sort of talk the University is having. Sounds like a fun day, maybe I'll fall asleep during the lecture, that would give me a good buzz :).

Anyway, I'm getting back to revision and/or finishing my portfolio site.


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