Monday, 23 May 2011

I've got 4 exams in a row, don't expect too many posts till after Saturday

Title says it all, I won't be posting much till after Saturday. I have 4 exams in a row so I am going to need every second of revision I can get.
For the curious ones, I have exams on

  • Wednesday - Functional Programming
    Learning Haskell using Heath (a program created at our University) and Hugs
  • Thursday - Cognitive Neural Networks
    About how the human brain sees stuff and how we can simulate this on a computer.
  • Friday - Algorithms, Data Structures and Complexity
    About how all sorts of algorithms work such as sorting algorithms etc.
  • Saturday - Software Engineering Practice
    Best practices to develop software.
Not much to it hopefully, plus I've already passed Functional Programming and only need 51% to get a first! Sounds doable :).

Anyway, see you after the exams.



  1. good luck! i also have a final exam this week, this sucks :(

  2. You too L. we'll get there!